The most important trainers recognize the sailing regatta as the best outdoor training-sport means.

On board a sailing boat, it’s possible to create many company dynamics because:

  • it’s an experience for all with no sex, age or training limits; no one will feel excluded!
  • every moment leaves a strong and unforgettable emotion in everyone
  • it’s a series of life tests that can become incredible and effective metaphors
  • it’s a stimulating alternative that increases teamwork, motivation and leadership respect among participants in addition to team spirit, compliance and mutual trust.

Sailing activities captivate everyone deep down; it creates expectations, obligates people to know themselves very well and motivates them to learn. It offers everyone an important role, asks for a high sense of responsibility, thoroughly engages and produces concrete and quantifiable results.

In the forced coexistence during sailing, where everyone is beyond their own “comfort zone”, sailing activity merges with everyone’s experience while allowing deep reflections on group dynamics, leadership, roles inside each team, group management strategies and on the capacity of being teammates.

A tight-knit team is not formed automatically just because some people are on the same boat. It is formed by step-by-step training, learning and practice. And it’s a sailing experience that permits building a real crew and team in a short period of time.

A sailing boat, indeed, is the greatest metaphor for company work.

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