sailing school ultra

Sailing School Ultra was established in the autumn of the year 1995 and it was founded thanks to a few Croatian representatives in the Olympic sailing category and the experiences of the similar schools in the range of countries where these representatives used to compete.

Sailing School Ultra is situated in ACI marina Split, where we have out charter fleet – Split Ultra charter base.

We have had more than 1500 participants, so we can say for a reason that we are the most experienced school in Croatia.  We also have the international ISSA certificate.

Sailing school Ultra offers several types of programmes:

  • BASIC SAILING COURSE of the Sailing School is performed on J-24s, sailing boats which are 7,32m long, simple for handling and ideal for the first encounter with sailing and gaining the first sailing experience. The programme consists of theoretical and practical classes.
  • NAVIGATION SAILING COURSE is our top-of-the-line programme and a well-rounded  unit where you gain experience at seaSailing Schoolduring a 6-day sailing. The life on a sailing boat takes on a new dimension…. night navigation, sailing in all conditions, cooking on board, navigation safety, leaving and entering port, casting anchor and everything you need for future independent sailing and cruising. Out-of-season programme is performed on sailing boats from our fleet (with 2, 3 or 4 cabins) with 4 to 8 participants at the most. For groups of more than 5 participants, there are usually 2 instructors in order to assist to the participants who have different levels of foreknowledge. Navigation course in the heart of the season is performed on First 45 (a three-cabin) with one instructor and maximum of 4 participants. Foreknowledge is required.
  • ADVANCED – REGATTA PROGRAMME is exclusively designed for sailors and those who would like to learn more. Instructors are well-known off-shore sailors. The sailing is performed on J-24 in the local waters of Split  and  until the last two days when the participants change boats and sleep on a different boat (First 35). Completed basic and navigation programme is required to attend this programme.
  • FAMILY SAILING COURSE ideal for spending time with your family while sailing. These courses are less intensive than the basic programme, but offer a great first encounter with sailing. This is an ideal programme for the family’s first introduction to sailing without any special prerequisites, which the life on a sailing boat in a confined space might cause.
  • DISCOVER SAILING  is a three day sailing programme on J-24s without theoretical classes. In three days you can renew your knowledge or see if the sailing is for you. This programme is ideal for all those who stay in Split and would like to spend their day actively.

The aim is to transfer theoretical and practical knowledge so that our participants could continue to sail independently on 6-15 m long sailing boats. We also organize preparation for the boat operator exam at the Port Authority Split (B category). The license is issued by the Port Authority Split after the passed exam which usually takes place on Monday (in season). We offer the exam assistance with prior announcement